Promoting equality and diversity

Our aim at St.Ambrose, is to ensure that every pupil and adult is treated fairly and equally.

We approach this in a wide variety of ways to secure a curriculum that develops children to become respectful; inclusive and empathetic citizens.

Our Catholic ethos call us to recognise everyone as being made in the image and likeness of God, therefore we must treat everyone with the respect and dignity they deserve. We teach our children to be inclusive of race; religion; disability; sexual orientation and preference; gender and age.

We teach our children to have 'Loving minds, hearts and hands...'


We are all made in the image of God and we welcome people from all cultures and races across the world to our school. We actively encourage contributions from all children and staff and greatly value this rich and diverse school community. Our differences are embraced. We aim to always function as a cohesive family.



 As a multi-cultural school community, we gather together several times in a week to recognising the differences that naturally occur in our world. From discussing the perseverance and wonderful attitude of the Paralympians to thinking how we are  special and different in our own unique way.



 Y6 pupils are given the opportunity to train as Play Activity Leaders (PALs). This involves them in creating games, being responsible for play equipment and interacting with the younger children to ensure their right to relax and play is recognised. 



Staff Training 

All members of staff will be trained on the promotion of equality and diversity this academic year. This will be delivered through 'High Speed Training' and will allow staff to ensure all possible agendas have been explored when it comes to equality and diversity.  We anticipate the impact of this to be that all children are made to feel welcome and fully engaged with their learning and all adults are fully accepted.

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