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Welcome to the Year 2 class page! 

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Welcome to a new and exciting school year!

This page will be updated throughout the year with key information, ideas to support your child's development, as well as a celebration of their learning and achievements in Year 2. 


Remote Learning.

If your child is self-isolating or waiting for test results, there is a timetable of remote learning in the files below to be completed.

You will also find the maths lessons to be completed.

Literacy will be completed on Purple Mash Serial and on the timetable there are additional activities.

Purple Mash login 

(Access via this link )

Numbots and TTRS login

Numbots - Access via this link 




Continue to practise Phonics with your child every day. There are RWI resources available at the RWI parent support page at this link: with resources to download and advice to support parents. 

RWI are also providing free ebooks on their oxford owl website where you can find a book specific to the set they are learning currently. You can access these at this link:

If your child is currently in Pink group you will need to find a book that has set 1 and set 2 sounds. 

If your child is currently in Blue group you will need to find a book that has set 1, set 2 and set 3 sounds. 

There is a video on this link demonstrating the phonics pure sounds:  

Purple Mash

Week 1: Anna and the Third Leaf Chapters and 2Dos

Week 2: Anna's Sportsday Chapters and 2Dos


TTRS- 10 minutes every day

1 x Math worksheet (saved in ' files to download' titled "Self Isolation Math W1 day...') 

Science/RE/ History/ Art/ Computing/ :

Complete 1 Science/ RE/ History/ Art/ Computing PM 2Do

Complete 1 Science/ RE/ History/ Art/ Computing Home Learning Activity 

Some other useful websites:     


Meet The Teacher 20-21

The PowerPoint is available to download below. It has key information about Year 2 and the learning and expectations. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. 

Year 2 Curriculum Overview

 Please download this useful file below to see an overview of what your child will be learning in all subjects throughout the year.

Share In Our Learning 20-21

This letter contains more detailed information about what your child will be learning this half term. It's also full of top tips and exciting information. 

Knowledge Organisers

The children will be using knowledge organisers in their learning which are full of key information for each specific subject. These will be attached below shortly. 


Important things to remember:

  1. Your child needs to read at home every night and bring their book bag into school every day so an adult in school can hear them read. 
  2. Your child needs a P.E. kit in school every day and can be taken home at the end of every half term. This must include pumps or velcro trainers for outside games. 
  3. Your child needs to bring in a school book bag not a backpack or rucksack due to minimal space and health and safety issues. 
  4. Your child needs a coat with a hood every day.
  5. The Year 2 school day starts at 8:45am everyday and it is vital your child is in at this time. 
  6. The Year 2 school day finishes at 3:15pm. 

 Important dates to remember: 

Mondays: Spellings set and TTRS session x 4 per week. 

Home learning exercise books returned to school (at the latest). 


Wednesdays:  PE .
Thursdays:  Home learning exercise books sent home. 
Fridays:  Spellings and times tables tested. 


The children will be going on a fieldtrip to Chorlton Water Park this Thursday 15th October 2020. Please ensure your child has a suitable shoes and coat with a hood in case it rains. 

St. Ambrose water bottles can be purchased at the Office. These are to be filled with water only. 

Thank you

Half Term

History: due Thursday 5th November 2020

Create a piece of art or a DT creation to reflect your learning of The Great Fire of London. Be as creative as you can! Please download the document below for more information and inspiration. 


Take your tree classification key out and about and go on a tree hunt! Share any photos you take of your adventures with us! We'd love to see which trees you encounter! Download the document below for a guided tree walk around Chorlton Water Park and a classification sheet. 


Have a go at the number and place value maths pack. 

Reading: every night 

The children will recieve two home reading books: a 'RWI: Read Write Inc.' linked text to their current class text, and a book-banded 'RFP: Reading for Pleasure' book that the children will choose themselves.

The 'RFPbooks will continue as previous and the teacher and parent will track the child's reading of 2-3 pages every night. Once the child has completed the book they can exchange it for another. 

The 'RWI' linked text will directly accompany their learning in literacy and phonics lessons. This will be changed when the children complete that book and move onto the next module. This will need to be read as follows:

  • Day 1: Vocabulary and Read 1- Read through the instructions pages to help you understand how to use the book better. Then read through the vocabulary section with your child and then listen to them read through the story fully once. (+ 2 pages of RFP)
  • Day 2: Read 2 - Re-read the story again to develop fluency, using a storyteller voice. (+ 2 pages of RFP)
  • Day 3: Read 3- Re-read the story and answer the 'Questions to answer'. These need to be recorded inside your reading record. (+ 2 pages of RFP)
  • Day 4: Read and Retell- Re-read the story and then get your child to retell the story to you using the prompts on the final page. (+ 2 pages of RFP)
  • Day 5: Read and Questions to chat about - Re-read and discuss the 'Questions to Chat About'. (+ 2 pages of RFP) 


Numeracy and Literacy: due every Tuesday. 

The children will be given a page of literacy and numeracy to complete in their home learning exercise books every Thursday to be returned for the following Tuesday at the latest, unless they have been given any other additional Home-Learning such as RE, Art, History, Geography, Science etc.  


Spellings will be given out each Monday and tested weekly on Fridays.

The children will write their spellings in their spelling books every Monday, which will also be updated on to our class page below. All spellings are a combination of the common exception words for Year 2 and RWI book-specific words which will be related to their current book in RWI. It is important that your child feels confident with these as it will directly support their learning in class. 

This week's spellings:

Grey (19.10.20):  small, love, many, here, once, centre, century, certain, circle, complete

Blue (19.10.20): small, love, many, here, once, important, popcorn, snorted, ignored, scornfully

Pink (19.10.20): small, love, many, here, once, with, drink, milk, box, long

Previous spellings: 


Grey (12.10.20):  

Blue (12.10.20): 

Pink (12.10.20): 

Grey (05.10.20): does, tall, come, watch, who, arrive, believe, bicycle, breath, breathe 

Blue (05.10.20): does, tall, come, watch, who, kitchen, postman, knocked, guard, started

Pink (05.10.20): does, tall, come, watch, who, that, pink, black, long, chest

Grey (28.09.20): call, her, there, old, some, accident, actual, address, although, appear

Blue (28.09.20): call, her, there, old, some, does, were, washed, one, said

Pink (28.09.20): call, her, there, old, some, flag, rug, frock, mug, blob

Yellow (21.09.20): all, was, we, so, want, cannot, tomorrow, swimming, have, lunch  

Pink (21.09.20): all, was, we, so, want, this, bed, rest, from, such

Yellow (14.09.20): are, be, of, no, what, shocked, pecked, fluffy, stretch, beak

Pink (14.09.20): are, be, of, no, what, insect, rat, tab, can, will

Yellow (07.09.20): the, my, you, said, your, nest, cluck, hatch, chick, quack 

Pink (07.09.20) : the, my, you, said, your, nip, dull, stick, tank, parrot


The children need to be secure in their 2, 5 and 10 times tables. Please practise them with your child. Times tables will be tested every Friday. 

 Times table Rockstars will also be allocated homework 4 sessions a week. Challenge your class mates and other teachers! 

Here are some useful games and activities to do with your child to help with their times-tables: 

Using mental maths and times tables in real-life situations is also a great way for children to strengthen and develop their mathematical understanding. 

Creating flashcards with your child is also a great way to build up their memory. 

BBC Bitesize also had some useful online activities and videos. 

2 x tables

5 x tables

10 x tables


Children can keep up to date with the latest in the news from our country and around the world with this child-friendly newspaper.

Click on English web page to get the current week's paper.


Calm Zone

Returning to school can be overwhelming and seem scary for some. 

Child Line has many well-being activities for children to help them understand and cope in the current pandemic.

Click on the link below for more information:



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