Year 2 2019 - 2020

Miss Barnett

Miss Stenson

Welcome to Year 2! 

Miss Barnett and Miss Stenson. 

Important things to remember:

  1. Your child needs to read at home every night and bring their book bag into school every day so an adult in school can hear them read. 
  2. Your child needs a P.E. kit in school every day and can be taken home at the end of every half term. This must include pumps or velcro trainers for outside games. 
  3. Your child needs a coat with a hood every day.
  4. School starts at 8:45am everyday and it is vital your child is in at this time so they can utilise their responding to feedback time and be reflective of their learning. 

If you missed the 'Meet The Teacher' event at the beginning of the year please see the powerpoint and 'Share In Our Learning' letter below.The 'Share In Our Learning' letter has lots of useful information about what the children will be learning this half term. There are also some helpful tips and links to further support your child.

The children will be using knowledge organisers in their learning which is full of  key information for each specific subject. These will be attached below shortly. 

Spellings and times tables will be tested weekly on Fridays.

The children will write their spellings in their spelling books every Monday, which will also be updated on to our class page below. It is important to practise the spellings and times tables with the children to support their learning in class.  

All spellings are the common exception words for Year 2. It is important that your child feels confident with these as well as the Year 1 common exception words. 

The children will be given Maths and English home exercise books every Thursday to be completed for the following Tuesday.

In Religion the children have been exploring beginnings and how God created the world and why. As a competition the children have been given the challenge to make a creation story mobile.

The home learning letter the children recieved is attached below.

We look forward to seeing all the wonderful creations the children will make! 

This weeks spellings focus is adding the suffix -ly  (14.10.19):

loudly, badly, bravely, stupidly, cooly, quickly, slowly, sugar, everybody, great 

Previous spellings:

(07.10.19): shiny, breezy, wavy, whiny, spicy, bony, cheesy, could, even, climb

(30.09.19): spotty, funny, runny, muddy, foggy, slippy, yummy, because, break, prove

(23.09.19) race, price, circus, exercise, notice, cycle, pencil, path, sure, only 

(16.09.19) always , already, almost, altogether, talk, stalk, chalk, child, gold, after

(09.09.19) door, wild, hold, fast, bath , kind, soak, steak, half 


Please practise the 2, 5 and 10 times tables with your child. 

We will be practising these times tables with the children throughout the year. 

This weeks times tables are the 2 times tables. 

Here are some useful games and activities to do with your child to help with their times tables. 

Using mental math and times tables in real life situations is also a great way for children to strengthen and develop their mathematical understanding. 

Creating flashcards with your child is also a great way to build up their memory. 

BBC Bitesize also had some useful online activities and videos. 

2 x tables

5 x tables

10 x tables



Currently in Math the children are focusing on addition and subtraction of 2-digit numbers. The next topic will be on multiplications of 2s, 5s, and 10s. The math knowledge organisers that the children use in school is attached below. 


Their current Science topic is all about the human life cycle,  growing up and the changes that occur. We had a very exciting baby visitor who came to our class, and we compared the differences between the real life baby and the doll. We also identified how we knew the real life baby and the non-living doll were different. 


In Religion, we have been learning about beginnings and how God created the world and us. We have been looking at why God created the world, and our role and purpose in it. We have explored all of the God-given talents we have all got, and how we can use them to change the world. One of our talents that we all have is singing. We love to sing and share our beautiful singing with our teachers which makes them smile!


Our current topic in History is the Great Fire of London. We are going to be exploring London in the past and how it was different to London today. Then we will be discovering how the fire started and what happened after. 

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