Year 2 2021 - 2022

Miss Hurley

Miss Barnett

Welcome to the Year 2 class page! 

This page will be updated throughout the year with key information, ideas to support your child's development, as well as a celebration of their learning and achievements in Year 2. 

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Miss Barnett 

Class Teacher 
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Miss Hurley 

Teaching Assistant


Welcome back! We are so happy to have you back in school! 

Important things to remember:

  1. Your child needs to read at home every night and bring their book bag into school every day so an adult in school can hear them read.
  2. Your child needs a P.E. kit in school every day and can be taken home at the end of every half term. This must include pumps or velcro trainers for outside games. They will get changed for PE in school so must come in their full school uniform on PE days: Tuesday and Wednesday. 
  3. Your child needs to bring in a school book bag not a backpack or rucksack due to minimal space and health and safety issues.
  4. Your child needs a coat with a hood every day.
  5. The Year 2 school day starts at 8:45am everyday and it is vital your child is in at this time.
  6. The Year 2 school day finishes at 3:15pm. 

 Important dates to remember: 


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 
Spellings set 

Home Learning due back. 

TTRS Soundcheck quiz 



Home Learning set. 

Spellings tested
Reading  Spellings  TTRS Literacy  Numeracy  Topic 

2 x books every night. 

Follow the 'Reading Schedule Instructions'

10 spellings given weekly: 

  • 5 x Year 2 spellings 
  • 5 x RWI specific spellings 

The children will write their own spellings into their books every Monday.  

Follow the 'Spelling Practise' instructions to help you support your child's learning. 

2 x 20 minute sessions a week:

  • 1 studio x 20 mins
  • 1 garage x 20 mins

Start time: Thursday15:15

End time: Tuesday 13:30 

In Year 2 the children must secure their knowledge of the 2, 5 and 10 x tables.

They will encounter a variety of different times tables on TTRS to develop a familiarity with them. 

Follow the link to log in to Times Tables Rock Stars. 

1 x page per week- dated  1 x page per week- dated

Week 1 09.09.21:

History- Personal History Timeline 



It is really important that your children learn to use these spellings in sentences independently and not just for the spelling test score.

Please use some of the suggested spelling activities in the literacy section of the 'Parent Support Pack'. 

This week's spellings: Week 7 18.10.21


Autumn 1 Spellings 

Week 2


Week 3

20.09.21: focus -dge

Week 4

27.09.21: focus -ge

Week 5

04.10.21: focus -g 

Week 6

11.10.21: focus -j

Week 7

18.10.21: focus c- before e, i, and y


Purple: the, my, you, said, your, full, mud, back, truck, left

Yellow: the, my, you, said, your, egg, quick, spring, cluck, wrong

Grey: the, my, you, said, your, clean, dream, scream, real, please

Purple: badge, edge, bridge, judge, dodge, his, lost, has, that, yes

Yellow: badge, edge, bridge, judge, dodge, quack, hatch, cluck, stretch, shock 

Grey: badge, edge, bridge, judge, dodge, rage, little, brute, minute, rescue  

Purple: age, huge, change, charge, village, escape, got, truck, back, hut, tips

Yellow: age, huge, change, charge, village, fluffy, wings, across, along, pecked 

Grey: age, huge, change, charge, village, escape, pounced, time, lead, while 

Pink: gem, giant,magic, giraffe, energy, light, night, fright, might, bright 

Yellow: gem, giant,magic, giraffe, energy,  off, still, long, glass, have 

Grey: gem, giant,magic, giraffe, energy, found, strange, out, hair, place

Pink: hat, chip, with, stop, bag 

Yellow: jacket, jar, jog, join, adjust, hatch, quack, along, stretch, pecked 

Grey: jacket, jar, jog, join, adjust, huge, beast, spoke, poor, sore 

Pink: big, bun, spotty, this, baby 

Yellow: race, ice, cell, city, fancy, long, glass, swimming, biggest, said 

Grey: race, ice, cell, city, fancy, other, through, sword, treat, scornfully



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