Year 5 2020 -2021

Miss Gibbons

Ms Hanna

We welcome all parents and children to Year 5's webpage. Year 5 is an important year in which we hope to see the pupils grow to be much more independent, have more confidence and begin to express their own opinions in a mature manner. 

Whole class remote learning  January, February, March 2021

Daily Prayers:  Year 5 why not lead the prayer session if you have younger siblings    Week commencing 22nd Feb

Please take a look at this week's Wednesday Word and follow the activities to do with Sunday's Gospel      Wednesday Word Booklet


Please send learning each day via Google Classroom or via email

Some learning can be done straight on to Google Classroom rather than in a book or on paper so it is important your child logs on each day to see what work can be done directly on the device they are using. It would be great to see all the learning your child is doing not just maths and English. Google Classroom gives your child the opportunity to send their learning directly to the teacher and for the teacher to give feedback through a comment box. 

Google Classroom: Video links to show you how to log on and how to submit your learning: 

Logging on:               Submit your learning:

Please download the links in the Files to Download section at the bottom of this page for more information on how to set up and use Google Classroom ( pupil and parent guides).

If there is anything else you need please send an email. You can also keep in touch with all the school information through the website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

To ensure learning continues after half term, there are timetables for the children to follow (see link below and on Google Classroom). These give instructions on what pages the children should complete in the workbooks and information about the other subjects. To support this, there are daily videos uploaded to the class web page and on Google Classroom that provides further instructions and support. 

Y5 Weekly Timetable Week Beginning 22nd February

Y5 Weekly Timetable Week Beginning 1st March




Daily Videos from Miss Gibbons on Youtube... click on the videos at the bottom of the screen or on Google Classroom. 

Additional videos with support in specific subjects are also available.  Check each day please!


Monday 22nd February Food Technology

Healthy Eating Links:   Healthy Eating PowerPoint

Monday 22nd February PE DANCE Mr Warburton's Lesson

Lenten Promise ideas:

23rd February RE Eucharist -  Memories:

 The Story of the Exodus

Eucharist Lesson The Seder Meal 23rd February

Wednesday 24th February : Science/Geography

Perfect Planet

Thursday 24th February : French

Friday 25th February : History Viking Writing

Viking Rune Writer

Friday 25th February PE Games Mr Warburton's lesson

Music link for Mr Leonard's lesson on the music web page



Maths:    The video links below will help you with the Maths learning for this week. We are on new topics for Year 5. These are from Oak Academy and a teacher will take you through the lesson. However, you will not be doing the worksheets they refer to, you will still do the pages in your CGP workbook but they should be similar. 

I strongly recommend you watch these videos first before attempting the questions in your book. 

Please click on the orange links.

What is a fraction?   Representing Fractions  Tenths and Hundredths

Monday 22nd February   Metric Measurements  

Tuesday 23rd February   

Imperial measures Miles to Kilometres 

 Imperial units: pounds to kilograms

Wednesday 24th February   Square and Cube numbers
Thursday 25th February       Reflection
Friday 26th February            Reading scales on a line graph



CBBC Channel on TV               CBBC Schedule of lessons on TV           

The BBC will show curriculum-based programmes on TV.  Please click on the link below for the schedule for this week. 


First News

First News

 Keep up to date with what is going on nationally and globally by finding the First News newspaper on the English page of our school's website. 

 You will need this code to access it 1C843F34 




Long term curriculum overview Year 5

Please download the file below for an outline on what your child will be learning this year in all subjects.

Y5 Curriculum overview 2020 2021


Important dates:

PE on Wednesdays and Thursdays

Homework given on Thursdays and to be handed in every Tuesday.


                   Expectations in Year 5 :      Meet the Teacher 2020 -2021

  The power point presentation with commentary can be accessed by clicking on the download link below

Meet the Teacher Year 5


Share in our learning Spring 

Please click on the file to download below to find out a more detailed outline on what your child will be learning during the first half term in Spring. 

Share in our learning Y5 Spring



We will be following the Year 5 Purple Mash spellings. They can be accessed as a 2do on Purple Mash

Please can you make sure your children spell all the words on the Y3 and Y4 list as well as learning words on the Year 5 and Year 6 list. Click below to access both lists. Thank you. 

Year 3 and Year 4 Spelling List

Year 5 and Year 6 Spelling list

Also there is a good interactive website that supports your child learning spelling rules and tricky spellings. Click the link below.

Oak Academy

Online lessons to support your child's learning, government recommended


 BBC KS2 Bitesize

KS2 Bitesize is a revision website which is tailored to support children in KS2 in the UK. There are activities, information, games and parent pages to support your child's learning. Please click on the link.

KS2 Bitesize


TIMES TABLES:  I have challenged some of you on TT Rockstars. Please take up the challenge!

All children should know all times tables up to 12x12 by the end of Year 4. Instant recall is any times table answered within 5 seconds. Go daily on TT Rockstars to improve your scores.



It is so important for your child to be reading regularly. Below click the link for ideas on what kind of books are suitable for Year 5.

Archive of daily videos remote learning:

Monday 25th January Monday 1st February Monday 8th February
Tuesday 26th January Tuesday 2nd February Tuesday 9th February
Wednesday 27th January Wednesday 3rd February Wednesday 10th February
Thursday 28th January Thursday 4th February Thursday 11th February
Friday 29th January Friday 5th February Friday 12th February

Extra videos below where some of the questions in the workbook are explained, please watch before you attempt the questions in the workbook.

Book Review Journey to the River Sea

Ordering Fractions

Adding and Subtracting Fractions/ Improper fractions and Mixed numbers

Ordering and comparing decimals

  Multiplying with fractions  Rounding Decimals     Percentages

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