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We are a Purple Mash School!

Purple Mash is a fantastic online tool to support your child's learning across the curriculum at home.

Children will be set 2Do tasks that they can complete. This children can also share their learning to a class display board for the teacher and their friends to view.

Children should check daily for new activities or any updates.

Click on the link below for our school portal. 

Purple Mash School Portal

Mini Mash School Portal

Don't forget to use the Numbots     and TimesTable RockStars (TTRS)  apps to support your maths learning at home. 

Your child will have logins (located inside reading record), so they can continue their learning anywhere and anytime. 


Stop Motion Animation Club


This is a new and exciting club where children develop their creative and computing skills using a range of animation apps. The children began using PIVOT app, where they created 2D animations and have now progressed onto using ZU-3D app to create 3D animations. They have shown their creativity using stick men, wooden mannequins, webcams and modelling clay.


'Safety Internet Day 2020!'


Together for a better internet: #FreeToBe campaign.

The children have been busy making posters, quizzes, and leaflets to promote staying safe online. Each class have completed an 'Online Safety' challenge.

Making a leaflet promoting different ways to stay safe on the internet using social media and communication apps.  Creating a visual display of their 'digital footprint'. Creating an online safety quiz, using 2quiz on Purple Mash. Using roleplay to create a video for working together to stay safe online.


A winner was chosen from each class by the eCadet Leaders to win a 'Social Oscar'!

Check out the eCadet’s page to find out the winners.

Click on the links below for more advice on how to stay safe online.

Safer Internet Quiz

Parent/Carer Online Safety Pack

NSPCC Online Safety Advice

Top Tips for Staying Safe Online

Quality Learning

What are we learning in Computing?

This term, we are learning and developing the skill of coding through computer science.

Here are some examples of pupils sharing their learning in Computing throughout the school...

From Nursery to Year 6

Check out 2display boards on Purple Mash (via sharing - boards), where you can play your friend's games





What devices can you access at school?

What devices are at home and in the community?


How do you make the bee-bot move?

Which direction can you move your bee-bot?

  Make the fish move my adding 'when clicked' and 'timer' actions.  

Children using 2Chart to create flowcharts for algorithms.

What novel visual effects can your create?

Check out the documents below where you will find the computing planning overview. This outlines what the progressions of skills in computing from Nursery up to Year 6. 



Files to Download

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