Year 6 2022 - 2023

Miss Barnett


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Important Dates

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Home Learning books due back in school.

TTRS tasks completed

PE - Hall

PE - Games

Home Learning Set

TTRS tasks set.

Spellings set for the following Thursday

Spelling Test

Green Weekly Report Cards to be taken home to parents


Home Learning

Reading Spellings TTRS Literacy Numeracy Other subjects 

Daily Reading - please sign your child's reading record each night. 

Recommended books for year 6 age can be found at 

Learn weekly spellings (see below) 


and work through and remember...

Year 3 and 4 word list


Year 5 and 6 word list

20 mins minimum a week


Your child may have been told to go on each night .  Click here to get practising.

1x page per week

 - dated

1x page per week - dated   


Spellings and Home Learning - Autumn 1 

The children will be tested regularly on the Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 spelling list words. See link above.  

Use Spelling Frame online to practise your spellings in a fun way.  


Spellings - Week 1 Spellings - week 2 Spellings - Week 3 Spellings - Week 4 Spellings - Week 5 Spellings - Week 6


morning, mourning, compliment, complement, assent, ascent, draft, draught, bare, bear

sh sound spelt ti or ci

direction, explanation, competition, infection, station, delicious, spacious, especially, appreciate, ancient

sh sound spelt si or ssi 

expansion, comprehension, tension, permission, admission, profession, tension, discussion, collision, decision

Orange words 

leisure, language, privilege, restaurant, achieve, secretary, stomach, yacht, soldier, physical 

Silent letters

calm, autumn, climb, guest, half, guilt, knee, lamb, know, doubt

Orange words 

guessed, guessing, guess, know, knowledge, knowing, gnaw, gnawing, rustle, rustled 

Home Learning Week 1 Home Learning Week 2 Home Learning Week 3 Home Learning Week 4 Home Learning Week 5 Home Learning Week 6


Maths p. 37

English p. 15

Maths p. 28

English p. 16

Maths p. 29

English p. 17

Maths p. 

English p. 


Maths p. 21

English p. 13

Meet the Teacher

Thank you to those who attended the Meet the Teacher meeting. A copy of the presentation can be found in the files section of this page.

Year 6 Curriculum

A copy of the content overview for Year 6 can be found in the files section at the bottom of the page. This shows the range of topics that will be covered this academic year.



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