Eco Warriors

Save the earth by putting it first!

This is our Eco Warrior motto!

Our Eco warriors are working hard towards our silver green flag award. We achieved the Bronze award in 2018 and are determined to achieve a silver and then a gold award!


Every class has an Eco warrior, using our green checklist, the warriors remind staff and their peers to turn off equipment when it is not in use and to save electricity and water wherever possible. They also share their work in bubble assemblies and help promote our green priorities.

At St Ambrose we have 3 key priorities:

Priority 1: Reduce our plastic use

We are going to reduce our plastic use by stopping using disposable plastic bottles. Instead, we are going to use reusable plastic bottles because we can wash them out and use them again and again. We know that plastic is a massive problem because it doesn’t break down. We achieved this priority and we love our new reusable bottles!


Priotity 2: Save electricity and water

We are going to reduce how much electricity we use in school. Our Eco warriors will all have a check list which they can use to remind them to turn off equipment that is not being used and to stop wasting water by making sure the taps are turned off.

Priority 3: Reduce our contribution to pollution

To try to reduce pollution in our area, we are going to encourage our families to walk to school by holding a walk to school week and a competition for each class. We have already written to parliament and have been visited by our local MP because we know that we need to impact other people, not just us.

Our next steps:

To achieve the Silver award, our Eco Warriors will be working on ensuring they turn off equipment which is not being used and tracking our eco work in other curriculum areas like science and DT. 

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