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Science National Curriculum

Please click on the link below to the view the national curriculum for Science


End of Year Expectations

Click on links for each year group to view the documents that show what is taught in each year group and what the children are expected to learn by the end of the academic year.


I Can Statements

We use I can statements to enable to children to assess their own learning in Science. They focus on the elements of science the children are learning such as the different topics but also focus on the skills children develop through working scientifically. 


Science Skills Progression

Children will learn a range of skills in Science during their time in Key Stage One and Two, at St Ambrose, the links below shows you what these are for each year group in our school


Working scientifically

Part of the national science curriculum is workings scientifically. This includes 5 key strands of working scientifically to develop key skills in thinking logically, questioning, planning and carrying out investigations and drawing conclusions. 

The 5 strands of working scientifically are:

Pattern seeking

Sorting and Classifying

Fair testing (or controlling variables)

Observation over time

Research using secondary sources.


Over the course of the year, every class completes several of each type of working scientifically to ensure that all the skills are developed and secured.

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