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Meet the Teacher

We would normally have a Meet the Teacher meeting at the start of the year. However, this year it is not possible to do this in person. The powerpoint is available to download at the bottom of the page and it has key information about Year 4 and the learning we will be doing. Once you have watched it if you have any questions please do not hesitate to come and speak to either Mr Cunningham or Mrs Murphy.

Individual Remote Learning.

If your child is self-isolating or waiting for test results, there is an indivdual timetable of remote learning below to be completed. Click on the maths lesson videos and the worksheets are in the files below. Literacy will be completed on Purple Mash Serial and the 2Dos have been set. There is an additional activity and daily practice of the times tables on Times Tables Rock Stars. Please send your learning through Google Classroom or the class email

It is essential that your child continues with their learning. Every little bit will make a big difference.

Day Numeracy Literacy - Purple Mash 2Dos Additional Activity
1 Add and Subtract video and worksheet 1 Rumplestiltskin Chapter 1 and quiz. Repulsive creature. How did the Roman Empire become so powerful? TTRS and reading
2 Add 2 3 digit numbers video and woksheet 2 Rumplestiltskin Chapter 2 and quiz. Interview with the miller. What is the geography of Scotlend? TTRS and reading.
3 Add 4 digit numbers video and worksheet 3 Rumplestiltskin Chapter 3 and quiz. The Conversation. Who was Julius Caesar? TTRS and reading
4 Add 2 3 digit numbers video and worksheet 4 Rumplestiltskin Chapter 4 and quiz. Rumplestiltskin. What are the different components in a circuit? TTRS and reading
5 Add 2 4 digit numbers video and worksheet 5 Rumplestiltskin Chapter 5 and quiz. Attempted Kidnap news. What is the geography of Wales? TTRS and reading
6 Add 2 4 digit numbers video and worksheet 6 Rumplestiltskin Chapter 6 and quiz. Book review. What was Britain like before the Romans? TTRS and reading
7 Subtract 2 3 digit numbers video and worksheet 7 Dr Benjamin Zephaniah What are insulators and conductors? TTRS and reading.
8 Subtract 2 4 digit numbers video and worksheet 8 Michael Rosen What is the geography of Northern Ireland? TTRS and reading.
9 Subtract 3 digit numbers video and worksheet 9 Anne Frank What is the geopgraphy of England? TTRS and reading
10 Subtract 2 4 digit numbers video and worksheet 10 C.S.Lewis and Narnia How much do we rely on electricity? TTRS and reading.


Weekly Home-learning

Numeracy and Literacy home-learning: A page of literacy and numeracy will be set on a Thursday and the children will return it by Tuesday at the latest.

Spellings: Spellings will be given on a Thursday and tested on the following Thursday.  They will be posted on here every week as well as being written in your child's spelling book. There will be a weekly quiz set on Purple Mash and your child will have a look, say, cover, write, check sheet. This needs to be done and will help the children to practise their spellings.  Flashcards is also a great way to practise spellings and 5 minutes every night can amke all the difference.      

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Times tables: We use Times Tables Rock Stars to help your child learn their times tables. Challenges will be set through this and regular practice is encouraged. The children have enjoyed making flashcards to help them learn the time times tables. Lots of different games can be played using flashcards and they are really easy to make. Flashcards are also great for helping learn spellings.

Sharing Our Learning

The Year 4 Sharing Our Learning letter for Summer 1 shows what the children will be learning about this half term and can be found in the download files section.

Curriculum Plan for the Year

 The curriculum plan that shows what Year 4 will be learning throughout the year can be found in the download files section.

Swimming and PE kits

In Year 4, children go swimming on a Wednesday morning at Hough End Leisure Centre. This will commence after Easter.

PE kits need to be kept in school during the half term. PE Kits consist of plain blue or black shorts, plan white t-shirt and pumps or trainers. (Girls must have socks with them if they wear tights.) 

Swimming Information Letter


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