Year 1 2021 - 2022

Miss Hurley

Mrs Murphy



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Important Weekly information:




Home-learning due in.




Home-learning and spellings set.



Spelling Test



Reading English     Maths Spellings Numbots
Children are expected to read daily. Children need to record the pages they a read in their Reading Record. reading books should be in school everyday.

Children will be given their English home learning to complete each week. 




Children will be given one page of their maths home learning to complete each week. 




10 weekly spellings will be given to children to practice. Children should spend 10 minutes each day using look, say, cover, write and check so that they learn their spellings.


Children can complete games each week. Their login details are in their reading records.





These are the spellings for the given test date. They will be tested on Fridays. They are common exception words that need to be known by the end of Year 1 and words with the sounds your child has been learning in phonics. Some of them are repeated to give the children more practice at spelling them.


Week 1: 29.4 .22

Week 2: 6.5.22

Week 3:  13.5.22

Week 4: 20.5.22

Week 5: 27.5.22

Group 1

j, l, m, a, i, o, u, w, s, b

c a, s, t, u, i, h, l, o, e

m, a, s, t, d, i, n, g, o, e

R, a, s, t, u, i, h, l, o, e

v, a, s, t, u, i, r, l, o. e

Group 2

hat, mat, cat, in, a, red, bed, the, rat, sat

put, the, I, no, of, my, for, he, red, sad

had, bad, sad, mat, sat, cat, pin, sin, fin, tin

put, the, I, no, of, my, for, he, got, run

the, log, sun, dog, pat, put, ran, lot, bin, bed

Group 3


your, said, to, be are, the, baby, paint, go, me.

to, day, me, play, go, say, baby, way, paint, stay

all, like, I’ve, want, call, we, her, his, some, he

washing, said, some, go, so, what, they, do, paint, your

you, old, was, play, way, said, are, the, when, what

Group 4


what, they, do, old, was, friend, said, saw, watch, are

today, small, says, were, your, here, they, come, some, their

dream, scream, real, three, your, school, house, once, green, seen.

friend, said, park where, garden, chair, coin, boy, point, joint.

school, house, once, hard, one, rude, huge, flute, June, pool.

Remote Learning

What should my child do if they are self-isolating? When my child completes the remote learning, how do I send it to the teacher? How do I access Google Classroom? Where can I find the Worksheets?
A 5 day timetbale for remote learning has been uploaded into the files section at the bottom of the page. If a child is having to self-isolate, they should complete these activities. Please send a picture of the remote learning  to the class teacher by Google Classroom or via email 

Your child's Google Classroom login is in the front of their reading records.

Logging on:       

Submit your learning:

Worksheets that are needed for children to complete their remote learning can be found in the 'Download Files' section


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