Why is Music important?

 Music has been proven to help children's well-being and focus their concentration. A school which celebrates the musical achievements of its pupils is more likely to have confident, happier children. Listening to and performing a wide range of music also enables pupils to explore different cultures aside from their own, which broadens their understanding and contributes to a deeper understanding of the world around them. This is vital in a school like St Ambrose that aims for each child to be an advocate for change in the world.

At St. Ambrose we use a variety of different schemes to ensure your child is taught the skills in the National Curriculum (available in the files). The National Curriculum splits music skills into three strands; listening and appraising, composing and performing. We aim for every child to be exposed to all three strands in every lesson.

We use One Education Music who provide a specialist teacher once a week to provide curriculum music. We use charanga, music ia the classroom, bbc music and many others to ensure the children receive a broad, balanced  and connected curriculum. Please see the files below for the skills and knowledge your child will be taught in each year group.

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