Geography enables our children to be critical thinkers as it requires them to find solutions to global, national and local issues. Through our Geography curriculum, we teach our children to be responsible global citizens and that the decisions we all make have an impact. By developing their understanding of God’s creation and allowing them to encounter issues and challenges, we encourage the children to be advocates for change and put their faith into action.

The Geography curriculum has been designed around the requirements of the National curriculum in collaboration with external experts. We have carefully selected the areas of study to support the curriculum needs ensuring appropriate challenge and progression is provided across the year groups.

The curriculum enables our children to broaden their social and cultural awareness. Carefully planned fieldwork opportunities allow the children to develop their local awareness and knowledge.


How can I support my child with geography?
The curriculum content may appear daunting, but don’t panic — you are already an accomplished geographer! Your daily life constantly provides you with rich geographical experiences, information and understanding. You think and act geographically, often without realising it. It comes naturally … as you navigate your way around your home and neighbourhood; as you make sense of local and world news; as you respond to the weather forecast, as you decide on a holiday location and how to get there.

When out and about in your local area, you can help your child geographically by chatting about local physical features, attractions and activities. You might even like to develop this idea by asking them to provide a tourist guide for their local area for visiting relatives.

On a journey, you can share the road map or map phone app with your son or daughter so they can follow the route while you talk about where you are going. Alternatively, ask them to draw a map of their journey to school or the local shop, including any natural or man-made features along the way.

Holidays are an ideal opportunity to compare the location with their home area — you might ask your child to talk through five similarities and differences, for example. Holidays also provide an opportunity for a museum visit or a trip to a tourist attraction.

Closer to home, use anything at your disposal! Magazines, TV, films and even some computer games can provide your child with a view of distant places. They enable your child to be transported instantly to another place. Prompt their thinking with questions, such as: What might the weather be like in this place? Why might the road have been built where it is? The list of questions is endless and will lead to all sorts of discussions which will really help to develop curiosity about, and understanding of, the world.

Home-learning Links and Ideas

Tour the world with google maps. Make sure you select satellite setting to get a good look at the land use and different environments.,1.2741857,14z          User name: homeschool         Password: oddizzi

Below there are files to download where you will find out more about what your child will be learning in Geography. Please also see their class webpage.


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