Dougal's Deep Sea Dive

Date: 7th Oct 2019 @ 9:45am

Dougal’s Deep Sea Dive

I’m very excited to be writing my first ever Bernard’s blog. With so many wonderful things to talk about in school, I was unsure where to start. However, this week, as I scampered along the corridor of the school, I noticed that the corridor was brighter and more colourful than last week. I soon discovered that each class had done a display on a book that they were reading in class. There was also a competition to see whose display was the best (this was judged by the children) and the winner was Year 2 who have been reading Dougal’s Deep-Sea Diary. This made me ‘paws’ along the corridor and have a closer look.  

 I was immediately drawn to the book by the alliteration in the title – Dougal’s Deep-sea Diary as there is also alliteration in the title of my page – Bernard’s Blog. Alliteration is fun as it can be used to create tongue twisters. I also speak with alliteration all the time  - ‘woof, woof, woof.’ 



 The book is about a man called Dougal, who has a pretty boring day job (unlike me). However, he has the most amazing hobby – deep-sea diving. In this book, Dougal keeps a diary of his dives and he discovers the most amazing things (I won’t tell you what he discovers so that you can find out for yourself.) What he discovers is that amazing, that he doesn’t return to his job after his week of deep-sea discovering.

What have I enjoyed the most about this book? It is the writing the children in year 2 have produced after reading the book. They have pretended to be Dougal and have written a diary or a postcard about their adventures in the deep-sea. They are ‘fury, fury’ good and make me as the reader want to find out more about their adventures under the sea. Next time you walk along the school corridor, ‘paws’ and have a read of the book and the children’s writing. See if you can spot any more alliteration.

I have enjoyed reading about this book and Year 2’s writing this week so much that I will choose another book from the book displays next week for Bernard’s Blog.

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