SMSC stands for Spiritual Moral Social Cultural education. This is a non-statutory subject therefore the objectives are embedded into our curriculum. Objectives have been created with all core and foundation subjects in mind so that these can be covered throughout the year in our teaching.
Our Current SMSC Policy

Please click on the link below to see our current SMSC policy for 2021-22

SMSC Policy 2021-22


Understanding SMSC

Each child in KS2 has been given the document attached below as a simple guide to what SMSC looks like at St. Ambrose. It fits beautifully into our school motto: loving hands, loving hearts and loving hands. We hope you find it useful.

Collective Daily Worship

EVERY morning in EVERY year group EVERY child takes part in daily collective worship. This gives the children an opportunity to begin the day with a quiet time to reflect and think about the how they can be a better person today. If is led by the older children in most classes who plan it, choose music and display an image to help us focus on what we are here to do.


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