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UNICEF Rights Respecting School


Congratulations to the whole school community as we are now achieved the Rights Respecting Bronze Award. Thank you for all your hard work and support in achieving this award.


We have enrolled in UNICEF's Rights representing programme. We have now achieved the Bronze Award . The aim of this award is to bring children's rights and responsibilities into everyday learning as well as educate our children on the rights of children all around the world.


The programme is based on the Articles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which applies to all young people under 18.


We feel that children's rights are essential to education even for the youngest children and that the programme will contribute to their development in later life.

Takeover Day at St. Ambrose 2017

 Today the children took control of the school. The new headteacher and deputy Headteachers started the day off with an assembly saying what was going to happen today. All of the pupils contributed to the day by teaching the classes using their skills and knowledge, they planned and delivered their brilliant lessons. Whilst this was happening, the new chefs were making the children's school dinner. The food was OUTSTANDING!!!!!! it even rivalled our real chefs. 


Examples of children using their rights



UNICEF Ambassadors

The UNICEF Ambassadors (Year 5 and 6) will act as our school council and make vital decisions on how they want their school to be run. These wonderful individuals have been selected after a stringent job application process in October. See application form below. The 6 ambassadors have decided to elect Junior Ambassadors through a voting process from Year 3 and 4. 

 UNICEF ambassador job spec and app form.docDownload
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Our Rights Respecting Song!

Click on the link below to see the rights song we have been learning in our Rights Respecting Assemblies.

'We've all got rights' song 


UNICEF Ambassadors Action Plan 2017-18

The children have been given a small budget to improve the school. They have create a UNICEF Ambassadors Box for ideas from all the pupils. From this ideas, the ambassadors wrote an action plan.

Click on this link to see what we are trying to achieve this year.


Letters to parents and carers 2017-18

1. Intro to rights - October 2017