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Welcome to Year 2's home page...

Welcome to a new year! Keep posted to find out the latest that is happening in Year 2.

Mr Bland and Mrs Flanagan

November 2017



Spellings and Times Tables for Friday 24th November

 The top spellings are group 1 (higher) spellings and the bottom spellings are group 2 (lower) spellings. This week's times tables are the 2 and the 5 times tables.


Group 1                                                                                                              

  1. whole
  2. wild
  3. children
  4. everybody
  5. again
  6. half
  7. clothes
  8. behind
  9. climbing
  10. pretty


Group 2

  1. kind
  2. mind                    
  3. behind
  4. find
  5. bind
  6. looked
  7. book
  8. hooked
  9. cooked
  10. took

Our all-new IPC (International Primary Curriculum)

Our first History topic is Time Travellers. We are thinking about important events from the past, including the First World War or "The Great War", which is having its centenary. We will be comparing it to the Second World War and thinking about the question - Is war great?


 Image result for world war one

Science in the Autumn Term - Growing up

We will be investigating how we have changed since being born and what happens as babies grown into children and children grow into adults. There will be an investigation into how foot size changes over time as we grow up.