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  • A big thank you for the incredible pieces made for the Water World home learning. They are superb - please come and have a look. * 


Year 2 SATs Parents Information Meeting Powerpoint 7.2.19

Welcome to Spring Term 1 2019! Keep posted to find out the latest that is happening in Year 2.

Mr Bland and Miss Stenson

February 2019 


Spellings for Friday 15th February 2019

Please scroll down the document for group 3 spellings. Thank you.


Share in Our Learning Letter - Spring 1 2019

Geography learning in Spring Term 1 - "Water World"

Our Geography topic this term takes us around the world, exploring the world's oceans and continents, looking beneath the waves to discover what animals live under the sea and comparing desert environments with rainforest environments. We will end our topic by campaigning for cleaner water in some of the world's most deprived countries.

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Science in Spring Term 2 - Keeping healthy

For our topic this term, we will be thinking about what being healthy means, how we can keep healthy and why it is important for humans to stay healthy. We will think about what we eat, exercise, keeping clean and sleeping. There will be a retired doctor coming in to talk to us as a special visitor!

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RE in Spring Term 1 - the Bible


 In our RE, we will be learning about different stories from the Bible, what make them important for Christians, and how the Bible is split up into the Old and New testaments. We will think about what each testament is about. Be prepared for lots of drama - some of these stories are the most dramatic ever written! 

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