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                  Remember that school starts at 8.45am, the children must be in at this time if we are going to win the attendance trophies!


Welcome to our Nursery class web page.    


Our teacher is Miss Iveson.

Our teaching assistants are Miss Crean and Mrs Hanson.


We love to learn through play in Nursery. Our topics are child led and we encourage the children to tell us what they want to learn about. The best learning happens when we are engaged and interested. We look forward to seeing where the learning will take us each day. 


On this page we will share some of the children's learning experiences and recent news.

We look forward to a happy and fulfilling academic year. 



Nursery News...


 The children have settled in really well into Nursery!

We have had a lovely start the year singing popular nursery rhymes. As part of our topic on 'Incy Wincy Spider' the children had some very special visitors on Friday...

They met a corn snake, bearded dragon, giant millipede, trantula and a Pac-Man Frog!


Meet the teacher

Thank you for coming to the Meet the teacher session. Please find all the key information that was shared with you on the document below for your reference. 

If you have any further questions please do no the hesitate to ask myself or any of the other members of staff in Nursery!


Share in our learning letter

This letter is sent home with your child at the beginning of each half term and we will upload a copy here too. Please check back for the letter at the start of the academic year. 


Nursery Para-Liturgy Friday 28th September 2018 2.30pm

Wednesday 7th November 2018 Parent’s evening

Autumn 1 - Nursery Rhymes

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Each week the children are introduced to a new nursery rhyme. Learning rhymes supports the children's speaking, listening and understanding. We encourage the children to join in with the words and have actions to go with each rhyme. Learning familiar nursery rhymes allows children to imitate the language, developing their communication and language. As we explore different nursery rhymes each week, we read related stories and provide learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom that link to theme. Please see below the rhymes the children will be learning and have a go at singing them at home! 






Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

5 Little Men in their Flying Saucers

Goodnight Moon /Catch a Star


Incy Wincy Spider

5 Little Spiders sitting on a web

Walter’s Web


Row Row Row Your Boat

5 Little Speckled Frogs

Who Sank the Boat?


Miss Polly Had a Dolly

5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

Dr Duck


Old McDonald Had a Farm

5 Little Ducks

Spot Goes to the Farm

6 & 7

I Went to Visit a Farm One Day

5 Little Lambs Jumping in the Field

I Went Walking

Image result for RE picture primary school

Our topic in RE this term is 'Welcome'. We will enjoy welcoming new faces to our family and settling in to our nursery routine. We will focus on how we respect and care for each other and invite children to prayer times. Following from this we will explore what makes us special. Please keep an eye out for our displays and shared carpet moments here. 



EExAT is the assessment system we use across our Early years provision. We collect observations of pivotal learning moments on your children and use these to assess where your child is up to and to assess what their next steps are to ensure they are making progress. 

You were all given your unique code to access this at home. If you do not have it or have lost it, do not hesitate to ask me.

Log in, have a look at your child's learning and make a comment! I would also love to see all their fabulous learning at home, whatever that may be! It doesn't have to be reading, writing or maths!